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I didn't think it was possible for me to really relax. This class has made it possible. The yoga has also helped me to breathe and sleep better. It has helped improve my overall being. I recommend Joe Brennan's Hatha Yoga class to anyone who seeks relief from the weight of the world.

- S.S., Advertising Executive

Amid the storm of stress and distraction, which many accept as the price of modern day living, Hatha Yoga with Joe Brennan sheds light on the path towards peace and enlightenment.

- S.L., Systems Engineer


Taking Joe Brennan's yoga class is a little like getting a massage from the inside out. At least that's how you feel at the end of class. The same sense of relaxation and serenity, that leaves you feeling like you've just come back from a two-week vacation.

- S.W., Sr. VP Cretive Director

This class is what I had hoped all other yoga classes elsewhere would be. Simple, stress-reducing and peaceful. Joe provides the right atmosphere for me to create a calm, clear and rested mind that carries through for days after each class. And I am more focused, less stressed and happier because of it.

- Neal O'Donnell


Many years ago, with the expectations of a youth, I stepped into a Yoga class for relaxation and flexibility. To my pleasant surprise, what I experienced was much deeper than simply "physical fitness". It was a journey of inner discovery presented in the form of Hatha Yoga. A teaching led by a yogi from without, who guided me to learn from the yogi within. That humble yogi became one of my most cherished and influential mentors. THANK you, Joe Brennan, for showing me the path to my teacher within!

- David J Meredith