$15 first class of the week / $10 additional classes same week


Yoga is for everyone!

The class is fit for every level and style. Don't know what you like? Come, take a class.

lf One's not 'more relaxed' after class than One was before class, One receives double their money.

Morning Yoga

Tuesdays & Thursdays

8:45 - 10:15 am


Evening Yoga

Mondays & Wednesdays

7:15 - 8:45 pm


The Benefits of Hatha Yoga......are many. But, of course, some are more obvious than others. By  A) stretching One's body, One actually feels more comfortable within the body. After stretching the body anything One does seems to require less effort. Of course, every body has its limitation, BUT, the limits need not be where they are 'a week from now'....not to mention 'a month from now'. Anytime...anyone...does anything that expands the body's range of motion One will feel less restricted, less confined and less encumbered.

Many of the not so obvious benefits pertain to the more subtle energies, namely breath and mind. Certainly, it's understandable how one may believe 'less obvious' means 'less profound', but nothing could be further from the Truth. Such logic is il-logical and One is ill-served by believing such. The benefits of B) regulating the breath...does NOT ONLY lower the blood pressure, directly and immediately effect the nervous system, eliminate toxins...but it also (and perhaps most importantly) calms the mind.

Calming the mind (One's instrument of perception) is right up there among 'the BEST things One can do for Oneself'. A calm mind makes Everything in and about Life 'more better' (LOL). And perhaps the greatest benefit, of the entire class, has to do with C) focusing the mind -- meditation. Consider, if You will, the fact: it is ONLY when One attempts to focus the mind that One becomes privy to it being out of focus. Realizing One's mind is out of focus may be seen as a prerequisite to being able to focus it. Needless to say there's no knowledge like Self-knowledge, for as One learns about Oneself One learns about all others simultaneously.

Who's class is it (anyway).....Well, todays lifestyle brings with it an abundance of stress and inner turmoil. With the constant need to be at work at this time, deadlines to be met at other times, to be on the road for this and at home for that ''its no wonder people today can benefit from the ancient practice of yoga" -- a de-stressor. One owes it 'to Oneself' to come to this class and discover how to BE....calm, peaceful and still. From the moment the class begins the student is encouraged to go within and discover what has always been awaiting them -- Peace. Peace is NOT created, it's realized. What One is responsible for is creating a conducive environment within in order that the Peace may be experienced. So, put away the social media, put away the work, put away the phone, remove the earplugs....disconnect from your virtual world, JUST SO THAT You may connect to and experience the Peace within, that patiently awaits your acknowledgement.......The serenity and clarity that You will feel after the first class will surely have You wanting to return. By the end of class, You will feel more in control of your Life and can focus on what matters most in your Life. Let us do what we can to live in Peace, for Peace is our true nature. IF, "You want it (enough),....You got it". It is your class, all You need to do is say so.  Peace be with(in) You