About Joe

Founder & Instructor

JoeJoe began practicing (Hatha) yoga in 1972 at the Integral Yoga Institute, in NYC. He first met his guru Sri Swami Satchidananda, world renown founder of the Integral Yoga Institute, endearingly known as 'The IYI'. He was certified in 1984 while living at the IYI ('84-'87). In 1990, Joe started Relaxation Guaranteed in Hoboken, where he was born and raised.

Through his own practices, and through sharing his practices with others Joe has been able to find peace, balance and success through this life's journey as father, grandfather, Wall St. trader, athlete, business owner and a 'life coach' through yoga.

About the Space

1005 Washington Street, Hoboken

Hoboken Hatha Yoga SpaceThe class is offered in a VERY large room, which is both airy and clean. The ceiling is high, the lights have dimmers and the room has two over-sized windows. This room happens to be in an historic building, built over a century ago (circa 1905) located at 1005 Washington Street, Hoboken, N.J.


About the Class

Well, along the lines of "first things first" (a wise adage) students seek to control the most mundane aspect, their body, first--by doing postures. Then, utilizing the energy of 'the breath' One seeks to control or focus 'the mind'--meditation. It would be unreasonable, 'for One to expect to control One's mind while un-able to control One's body. To still 'the mind' One must first be capable of stilling 'the body'. 'The breath, when used properly, both heals 'the body' and calms 'the mind.

In addition to A) stretching 'the body'...B)regulating 'the breath' and C) focusing 'the mind', there is also a segment of the class known as 'yoga nidra', which translates 'deep relaxation'. "Deep relaxation' occurs immediately after A) stretching 'the body' (asana) and just prior to B) regulating the breath (pranayama). It's during 'deep relaxation' that One has the greatest opportunity to "see Oneself more objectively...hence 'more clearly'.

Based on the premise "One sees more of Oneself with the eyes closed, and more of everything else with them open", students are encouraged to take the entire class with them closed. If 'yoga' is about anything 'its about seeing Oneself'. Joe believes 'to see within (Oneself) One need only to go within (Oneself). By closing the eyes, withdrawing the senses and consciously observing Oneself, One becomes privy to what One otherwise would remain oblivious. When 'the mind' is calm, One experiences insights and revelations regarding Oneself. Joe takes it upon himself to provide an inner as well as an outer environment conducive for 'letting go' of external matters, circumstances and situations He believes any instructor 'worth his/her salt' would. By 'letting go' , One not only gains a broader perspective and deepens One's yogic practices but also, One evolves more consciously...and perhaps a bit more expeditiously.